Pop It


I’m at Gigawatts Festival. Honduras just finished their show as I come out to get some fresh air. Looking down at the main stage from the balcony, I see crazy haircuts and custom shirts swirling all together in a colorful mosh pit. I rush downstairs, following the holographic pulse of Anamanaguchi’s music.

Four musicians are responding to an invisible chiptune god, dropping the sound from a parallel dimension. A beach ball is flying over the crowd. It lands briefly on heads before being swatted, chased away like a scared bug. Meesh彡☆’s hair is floating all around her face, catching the reflection of the rainbows illuminating the stage. She holds her fingers like two little guns as the song ends. Then, she jumps off stage, probably late to catch a flight back to her home planet.

Life’s an eternal pizza party.

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