Dark Days Against The Fade


TV Colours played in Belgium in 2013, the year they released their first LP ‘Purple Skies, Toxic River‘. They had forgoten to ship the merch to Europe, so I could’nt get my hands on their record that night. I finally got a copy this year, when NJ-based label Comedy Minus One reissued the LP.

Punctuated by the sound of supermarkets and lawnmowers, ‘Purple Skies, Toxic River‘ could be the soundtrack to a movie about teenagers fucking around in their small boring hometown. Lighting shit on fire, screwing girls behind a church, blacking out on cheap whiskey. It is full of this desperate angst that comes with being a kid who realizes how fucked up the world really is; There is no way out.

Dark Days Against The Fade” is one of those brutal melancholic anthem that finds its way under the skin. Underneath the layer of fuzz and reverb lies true emotion.

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