Chardonnay Summer


Leggy is this super cool girl-led dream-garage band I met in my favorite Bushwick bar (Bootleg, come say hi!). I bonded with the lead singer over waiting for the bathroom and being Belgians.

Their EP ‘Cavity Castle‘ has the sincerity and urgency of a first release. Veronique sings about boys with a rainbow-and-butterflies filled voice over fuzzy guitars riffs. If Lana Del Rey and a Big Muff had a baby, he would totally be wearing a Leggy shirt, headbanging to Chardonnay Summer.

These Cincinnati cuties are pals with Tweens with whom they played the sold out Indiepop Prom at Baby’s All Right, and they’re on tour now on the West Coast promoting their newest release ‘Nice Try‘. If you’re around, you should check them out!

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